Posted by: rotarytrek | January 11, 2010

Impromptu Rotaract Meeting

After a breakfast, tea, emu farm visit, deaf and dum school, tea, elementary school dance presentation, lunch, 10 min hotel stop to “get fresh”, tea, and mineral water plant we arrived at Shirdi Resort for a Rotary Club meeting at 8:00 pm. Anthony and I were approached by a young Indian boy, literally shaking with with enthusiasm and spouting English at a rapid pace. Turns out we were the first foreigners he had ever met. After presenting to the 10 Rotarians of the Shirdi Rotary Club, the Boss encouraged us to have some “interaction” with the 4 Rotaractors who had travelled 45 minutes to meet us.   The 4 boys are MBA students at a nearby agricultural college where they “earn and learn” and are anxious for success and financial security. They claim their Indian culture gives no value to festivities and that birthday parties are useless (I didn’t even bother asking their favorite kind of cake). Despite this rather dour prognosis we describe our club’s motto of Learn, Socialize, and Serve, and I even mention I serve beer when conducting our New Member Orientation, which I am sure blows their minds as women rarely speak to groups and NEVER ever drink alcohol in this rural areas of India. Anthony encouraged them to use the internet to continue working on their English and suggested they start a English tutoring program to earn some rupees. They asked for our addresses, but Anthony reminded them of the internet and said that general mail was archaic. In this town, which is named after a turn of the 20th Century guru (think prophet) Shiri Sai Baba, I think the Rotaract Club of Shirdi might have found a new god in Anthony.



  1. Glad the annual reports made it! The blog has a gotten a bit quiet. Looking forward to the next update. Hope all is well.

  2. Ditto! Our annual reports continue to traverse the globe!

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