Posted by: rotarytrek | January 7, 2010

Traveling with the Boss

For the last several days we have been under the careful guidance of Dr. Jayant. According to our itinerary his specialty is general surgery, but after being his special guests for 2 days we are beginning to feel like we are being shepherded through an underworld where secret head nods and grunts are authoritative commands. We were taken to a movie theatre the Saturday night to see the Indian smash hit “The 3 Idiots”. We walked into the theatre (truly stadium seating) and breezed past the ticket counter, when an attendant asked for tickets, the boss grunted a few words and we kept walking. Seating was pretty tight but with a few nods, a row cleared out and we filed in. The next day we travelled to a nearby town to visit a Eye hospital sponsored by the Sangahmere Rotary club. We got caught in some road construction and traffic was pretty backed up. While Anthony and I passed our numerous bouquets of flowers out the window to confused passer-bys, the boss hopped out of the car and stopped the crossing traffic which allowed our van to pass smoothly through the clogged road. Everywhere we travel people clear the way, no standing in line, there is always a back door and the only charge is that we pose for a half dozen “snaps” and graciously accept endless coconuts and flowers. Our car is never far and everyone stops to stare as the only white person in town clamors into the back of our “Maxi-Van”. More on “The Boss” from Anthony later.



  1. Please try to persuade the “Boss” to come to Birmingham. We are in dire need of that kind of service here 🙂

    What an experience!


  2. E.A.O.,

    And I thought you had a sexy job in the states! Your international job sounds way more sexy to me!

    Too Live!


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