Posted by: rotarytrek | January 2, 2010

Win suprise gift from India

We’ve been seeing and taking some very interesting photos here in India that leave us speechless. Help us write a caption for the pictures and the best caption will win a free gift from India on us.

Shirt reads: I never stopped loving you just stopped showing it

I never stopped loving you just stopped showing it

Be on the look out for more.



  1. As the not-so-happy couple scopes out the wedding location, it has become obvious to Caroline that her arranged marriage will leave a little something to be desired. Her husband isn’t the hopeless romantic she’d always dreamed about.

    Note the disappointment when her new fiancé scoffed at the idea of doing a dance at the ceremony, a-la Slumdog Millionaire end credits.

  2. The gift better be preeeeetty awesome, particularly since I didn’t get to come to India this Christmas. Ha!

  3. Caption Option: Disappointment Ensues… after Caroline fails to convince her new friend to trade shirts.

  4. Another American heartbroken. One of India’s most desired bachelors, Arjun Bijlani, breaks the news to visiting American, Caroline Downing, that he cannot fulfill her wishes of offering his hand in marriage.

  5. Funny…Keep it coming!

  6. when some person which is living abroad then every friend of that person says “I never stopped loving you just stopped showing it”

    I love u every where from the heart

  7. My Love

  8. i think that they are happy and they were on a tour and i think he had not noticed what is written on his shirt while purchasing it…dats da reason…i dont think it because we must never think of any bad…we must be positive….so always think positive and be positive..

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