Posted by: rotarytrek | January 2, 2010

Roving Reporter Downing



  1. Hi Caroline – I am loving your blogging! How cool to see you on you tube from India. You are an excellent roving reporter – maybe media is a new direction to explore. Looks like you and Anthony and your gang are having a wonderful time. Great pictures, and great pout. Love, Shirley

  2. Caroline! I’m so proud of you – the reporting is excellent. I will continue to keep up with your exciting adventure. Have fun and stay safe. Can’t wait to see you when you get back!

  3. Caroline!

    Such fun seeing your blog posts! It’s great to see the video and photos and read your travelogues. Elizabeth Gilbert, eat your heart out! A new travel writer is on the scene! Sounds like many adventures are being had. Can’t wait to hear more highlights!


  4. Loved seeing you and reading all about your travels Caroline!!!! xoxoxoxo Norma-May

  5. Hi Caroline, just got caught up on your travels this morning. Very interesting, what an experience! Keep posting, they are much enjoyed. Katherine

  6. I am loving your updates! What an amazing experience for all of us who are following your trip. I look forward to seeing you next time you are in Monroe County and hearing more about your trip!

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