Posted by: rotarytrek | December 30, 2009

Streets of Ahmednagar

Justin has been keeping count of my blog post (0) and Caroline (3) tells me I need to be more than just the web-guy, video-guy and photog on this trip, so this will be my first official blog entry in Ahmednagar, India (try saying that 5 times fast). Let me first thank Vestavia and Birmingham Rotary and great boss Greg Barker at APC for allowing me this great honor. 

My travels so far have been nothing short of spectacular! I lucked out and am staying with what has to be the nicest and most hospitable family in India. Mr. Daulat Shinde, wife Urmila, son Pritam and daughter Pallavi (smart as all get out) have made my three days in feel like…well…three days in India. I had no clue what to expect but have been delighted by kindness of the Shinde family. Mr. Shinde is considered an industrialist and owns a few manufacturing shops that supply the booming motorcycle and rickshaw industry (see banner above) in India. Not to mention he has an MTV Cribs styled home!

So many experiences in such few days, its like drinking from a fire hose these past three days. The full court press on all your senses is none stop. I don’t think I’ve heard so many horns and beeps in my life! Horn use is very liberally here in Ahmednagar, its encouraged (see photo bumper). The streets are filled with mostly with people, motorcycles and rickshaws darting about the few cars and trucks you see on the roads. Lets not forget the occasional cows and water buffalo that roam the streets ambivalent to the madness around. You feel every bump as you drive because their roads don’t benefit from our triple layer asphalt spread we take for granted. Transportation infrastructure is still lacking, most part of Ahmednagar is still connected by dirt roads, however the city is always on. Amongst the loud horns and beeps is a very vibrant and colorful street scene. A never ending flow of people, motorcycles and rickshaws moving about. There are busy markets, people hustling from street to street, pleasantly strong aromatic smells (if you’re lucky, cows and water buffalos have to go too) and more things my tired brain is still trying to process.

India wins the prize for the most unflinching and hardcore pedestrians to every cross a street. Today, I saw a guy look at our van going at least 25mph, completely turn his back to us and proceeds to lazily walk across the road. Our van missed him by mere inches. The only rule on these road is “Don’t get hit!” as one local told me.

I only wish these cars had seat belts and believed in Target Zero!



  1. Man, that sounds crazy. Sounds like walking is not the way to go. I am glad you are enjoying your stay and being treated with care.

    Keep the blogs coming!


  2. Great video! It is good to know that you are having a great time. What an opportunity! Soak it up! Keep the updates coming. I feel like I am there with you. MORE PICTURES PLEASE!


  3. Anthony, looks like you’ve got a second career calling as a new reporter!

  4. I love the video! All the details help paint a good picture of what you all are experiencing. Keep it up!

  5. Wow! Just like an A&E documentary! you look great on camera! A star is born!

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