Posted by: rotarytrek | December 30, 2009

Second post on India trip

Can someone please post Auburn Outback bowl score, really hate I’m missing bowl games!!

Thanks and War Eagle!



  1. I’ll post it… so you don’t have to wonder how badly Northwestern beats Auburn


    • 35-21 auburn with 7 minutes left in the game

      • 35-27 Auburn with 3 minutes left in the game. But Northwestern has the ball.

    • Did you think 49 years of losing bowls was going to change in 2010? War Eagle!!

  2. AU 21 NW 7
    2nd qtr 8:54 min left

  3. The score is: Auburn 21, NW: 7.

    No need to celebrate yet. Auburn needs to find its offense. Auburn’s defense has accounted for 14 points and has 4 INTs. We are in the middle of the 3rd.

    I will keep you posted.


  4. The score is now 21 even. Auburn has just stopped playing (literally) on two plays. One play the dback stopped running on coverage, and the next possession NW broke three tackles, leading to a 50 year touchdown- on a screen play (you heard me right, a screen play).

    The 4th quarter is beginning now.


  5. I apologize for the spelling error in the last post. Auburn is now playing with a sense of urgency. Darvin Adams set up a good drive for a go ahead score for Auburn- making the score AUB 28, NW 21. We held NW and just got the ball back.

    Fourth quarter, 8 minutes to go.


  6. Auburn 35, NW 21. Our offense is clicking. We are now on defense. 7 minutes left in the game. I’m still holding my breath.


  7. NW’s extra point blocked on last TD! AU 35 NW 27

  8. After the Auburn score, Ben Tate dunked the ball through the upright, you got it- penalty for too much celebration. This results in great field position for NW. NW scored and Chizik was very upset with Tate. The score AUB 35, NW 27.

    Auburn blocked the extra point. Luck will have it that Tate (messing up again) fumbled. NW now has the ball with 2:00 left. NW is driving.


  9. NW scores and gets the two point conversion. Tie game with 1:35 left.


  10. 35-35 with 1:15 left in the game

  11. You will not believe this. Auburn has a great return and fumbles. NW now as the ball, driving for the win with 1:03 left : (


  12. OT – NW missed a field goal to win.

  13. By some miracle, Auburn won 38-35 in OT.

  14. Overtime has been wild! Auburn forced two fumbles that were overturned. Then, we force a missed kick, but we received a roughing the kicker penalty. So, essentially, Auburn has won this game twice, and had it taken away.

    Third times a charm. The roughing penalty hurt their only kicker. So, on a fourth and ten from the ten yard line– NW was forced into trying a fake field goal. Auburn snuffed it out, tackled their back two yards short of scoring for a NW win.

    So, AU wins the game, finally, for the third time.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  15. The score: AUB 38, NW 35 FINAL


  16. Thanks Brandon for keeping update. Sounds like it was a thriller!!!


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