Posted by: rotarytrek | December 30, 2009


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is official, in my former life I must have been internationally famous or infamous… I thought that India would be the last place where I would be mistaken for someone else, yet my doppelgangers are international. Last night after our first presentation to the Ahmednagar Rotary clubs we went down to the basement for dinner (at 11:00 pm).

Caroline look alike??

I was talking to a girl in Anthony’s host family when she shyly admitted that I looked identical to one of her cousins. –the skin color was a little off she admitted but otherwise we must be sisters.  Today when we visited they brought out the family album to show me pictures of my India twin… I am not so convinced, but as with many other things I have learned to smile and nod.

Smiling has come in handy as everywhere we travel we are treated as movie stars with everyone begging to take just one or two more “snaps”. We are showered with flowers and our heads wrapped in turbans. Our van is literally stopped in the road as people try to stop us and give us chai and cookies. Thankfully the chai is served in small glasses but we are still served 4-6 cups each day. The hospitality is truly inexhaustible and as one host relayed in India they are taught “Guests should be treated as Gods.”  It is 7:30pm now and we have been going since 7:30 this morning, just today I have visited a village school, ridden in a “Bull-cart” (pulled by cows), had tea in a farmers home, visited a carnival (I was not even tempted to ride the ferris wheel), picked strawberries, crawled through a grape vineyard, watched factory workers weld, polish, and grind gears, and it is only the second day of our trip.



  1. Wow, sounds like an exhausting but very fun day. The gracious hospitality you all are experiencing is impressive, such a warm gesture that all cultures should share.

    The blog looks great; I look forward to seeing future updates.

    Anthony, by my count, you are now down 3 – 0 on posts. 🙂

    Take care,


  2. Wonder if Caro-lina can swim like you….doubt it.Sounds like you are on a cookie diet.Great blog. Enjoy yourself.

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