Posted by: rotarytrek | December 28, 2009

Hello from India

Just a quick hello as our GSE team and the local women’s Rotary Club in Ahemednagar finish up what is quickly turning into a 2 ½ hour dinner. After 30+ hours of travel I am now sitting on a rather firm six poster bed in the 200 yr old house of my host, Yasmin. She and her husband are Persian… circa 1200AD. We just finished a delightful dinner and I am quickly learning the names of the dishes – matur paneer is my favorite thus far, the creamy “veg” with what appears to be conglomeration of maraschino cherries and pineapple swimming in pureed cauliflower is a bit further down the list.

Overall the long journey from Birmingham, through Atlanta, Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Aruangabad to Ahmednagar was just long. All luggage and team members made it in one piece so I am declaring it a success. As far as first impressions, I am impressed by the cleanliness of the airports and the friendliness of our hosts. When we arrived we were greeted by 18 Rotarians, who promptly draped us each with 4-6 flower garlands (strategically hiding the tangerine juice on my day old clothing) and began rapidly snapping pictures, before loading us all in a mini bus and setting out on the road.

I was prepared for mass chaos and sensory overload, and perhaps I was too prepared, as I really wasn’t phased by the oxen-drawn cart, the tractor pulling a cart packed with people, or the water buffalo being herded down the street. I don’t think it was until I looked over and saw a young girl projectile vomiting from the car adjacent to ours, that my senses piqued. I promptly turned around and slept the rest of the car trip.
I am being called for pudding, and not one to miss dessert I had better run. More on India, the three dogs (one of which is named “tiger killer”) later.



  1. I’m glad you all made it to India safely. Anthony – knowing your affinity for 4-legged creatures, I’m sure you are feeling right at home. Will your hosts allow ‘Tiger Killer’ to sleep in the same room with you? Perhaps that can help you transition into the Indian culture and prevent any chance of home sickness.



    • Unfortunately Caroline is the one who has to deal with ‘Tiger Killer’ as it is called ‘waghmare’. I am staying across town in what has to be the nicest house in Ahemednagar. I made it clear from the get that was a non starter for me.

  2. as far as the girl projectile vomiting i saw the same thing in the moody high school homecoming parade one year…i think she was the junior class president.

  3. Sounds like this is going to be a very interesting trip. I am so excited, it feels like I am there.

    I will be checking the blogs often.

    P.S.Please take photos of the house. Would love to see it.


  4. I’m glad you all arrived safely. Keep the posts coming!

  5. Oral rehydration: 1 quart water 1/2tbs salt 1/2 tbs baking soda 2 tbs sugar (you may add 1/4 small banana pureed)

  6. Hello & Happy New Year early! So happy you made it safely & w/luggage too! I know you’ll make the most of the whole experience & come back w/great info & a wealth of knowledge. To visit other countries & be w/the people is truly a privilege not everyone gets to experience in their lives. We miss you! Be safe! Enjoy & learn! love, Aunt KJ

  7. Wow, guys! Awesome updates…I feel like I’m there with you. Happy that you and your luggage all made it together! Sometimes I can’t get to DC with my luggage at the same time, so India is definitely an accomplishment. 🙂

    Happy New Year and safe travels throughout your journey! Keep the posts coming…this is good stuff!

  8. Congrats on the safe arrival, especially the part about all the luggage making it there too!

    We are all thinking of the GSE team back home in Alabama and hoping for smooth sailing for all five of you. That kind of jet lag can take at least a week to shake off, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t perked up immediately.

    Can’t wait to read the next post! Hopefully you’ll have Internet access throughout and time to update.

    Hi to BJ & Tushar!! (from my neck of the woods!)

    Rotary District 6860, Greater Hsv Club
    Former GSE Team Member 2003

  9. Thank you for keeping us updated! My thougths are with all of you. I look forward to following your travels……. My best to alll!!!!!

    6860 District Governor

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