Posted by: rotarytrek | December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Bombay-Bound!

Twas two days before Christmas, and I am taking down my Christmas tree and packing up insect repellant, protein bars, and peanut butter.

Skipping town for 5 weeks is a big enough challenge, but throw in last-minute gift buying, Christmas travel, and a destination a couple continents away, and life gets a little hectic.

  Yet preparations have been underway for over 4 months, and with all the help and advice Anthony and I have received from our “Indian Support Team” I think we are as ready as we ever will be. Of course, one warning I often get is I should “prepare” to be completely shocked. India has a reputation for sensory overload;  noises, smells, colors, spicy food, and people, people, PEOPLE everywhere may overload our jet-lagged systems. “Preparing to be shocked” is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one, but I do find myself composing internal pep talks and my new mantra has become “always open mind”  and “live the experience.”

So that is where I am now, my suitcase may be empty but my mind and spirit are full and ready for the experience.

Off to try to get a H1N1 vaccination from the Health Clinic.



  1. Beautiful beginning Caroline – and wonderful mantra!!!! Enjoy!!!!
    xoxox Norma-May and Lila

  2. Hope you guys made it over there safely! Looking forward to updates and pictures. Have fun!

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